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How to tell someone that you’ve missed them when you know the other party doesn’t even realize that they made you feel like they’re taking you for granted. As long as their happy right? Well, what about my happiness? That matters too right? …

Colours 2013 <3

That night was something…mayn..hahhahh.. Few minutes in and i was gone, long gone. If I was given an option to re-do it, I’ll take that offer up. But life sucks, cause there aint no wishes and fairies and magic (noooo!!!…….it cant be)

So it’s ok. It’s done and past. And honestly, I enjoyed it. It could’ve been better, but lets not start. 

I texted myself that night, reminding me of the coming days. Kinda like my resolution, i had to text it to me just incase i couldnt recall them hahahh.

This year :

Be more greedy love. Its ok to be a bit more selfish. Do the things that makes you happy. U’ve suffered enough and u deserve more. Dont’ feel sorry too much, that big heart of yours hurts more than you think you know. Apologize but sorry is optional. (right circumstances, matter). Colours <3

Sounded like a third person to me. Like i was actually looking at this person and saying these things, at the same time, looking at a person and listening to every word said. Sounds crazy. I am I guess.

I feel a good vibe. Great in fact. =)

Happy New Years Everyone!

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